Who We Are?

Our Team

We are a group of students who building an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for research and competition. We build and design AUV for two main competition, that are RoboSub (about july to august) and SAUVC (about march)

ZeabusAUV consisting about 10 Student from many majors such as Computer Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Electrical Engineering



  • Attending SAUVC 2020
  • 21st place @ RoboSub 2019
  • 8th place @ SAUVC 2019
  • 16th place @ RoboSub 2018
  • 8th place @ SAUVC 2018
  • 5th place @ RoboSub 2016


RoboSub is an exciting underwater robotics competition in which teams of high school and college students from around the world design and build an Autonomous* Underwater Vehicle (AUV). These vehicles are designed to autonomously navigate through a series of tasks.

These tasks mimic ongoing research in Autonomous Underwater Systems. Students participating in this real-world challengegain experience that cannot be achieved through classroom learning, setting these student apart from their peers.

*Autonomous = self-driving

Cr. RoboSub

The SAUVC competition challenges participant teams to build an AUV which can perform given tasks. These tasks are simulations of tasks operational AUVs would have to be able to perform. The competition is held in a swimming pool and each team’s AUV will have to perform 4 tasks. The speed and accuracy at which the AUV performs tasks will be used to decide the winner of the competition.

The tasks involve four widely faced challenges underwater such as AUV navigation, visual identification, acoustic localization and robotic manipulation.



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