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Preparing to SAUVC 2020

https://youtu.be/_NIxxNmPXnM All teams have to submit a video of their AUV prior to the competition The video HAS TO be maximum 1 minute long, be submitted before 23:59 December 31,…

AUV for robosub2019

We decide to use same robot as last year but we upgrading it. We have a new gripper and new torpedoes that we already tested it. so we think our…

SAUVC challenge!!!

Our team have participate in Singapore AUV Challenge at 8 – 10 March 2019 and win a 8th Award!. Since our team have only 7 Member: 2 professor and 5…

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We are a group of students who building an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for research and competition. 

Upcoming Competition

SAUVC 2020

The SAUVC competition challenges participant teams to build an AUV which can perform given tasks. These tasks are simulations of tasks operational AUVs would have to be able to perform. The competition is held in a swimming pool and each team’s AUV will have to perform 4 tasks. The speed and accuracy at which the AUV performs tasks will be used to decide the winner of the competition.

The tasks involve four widely faced challenges underwater such as AUV navigation, visual identification, acoustic localization and robotic manipulation.

Singapore AUV Challenge 2020:
April 3 – 6, 2020 | Singapore polytechnic, Singapore